For urgent matters, do not simply leave a phone message.

During office hours, please tell the receptionist it is an urgent matter. When the office is closed, call the emergency line as described below. Senior GSS staff are available 24 hours per day.

The emergency number is an answering service. They will take your message and will get a GSS staff person who will call back. You can ask to stay on the line and wait to be connected directly to the “on call” GSS staff. There can a bit of a wait for this. A qualified GSS staff person is always available.

The answering service has instructions to refer all calls to live GSS staff, and to persist in calling until this is accomplished. Typically, there are 3 to 4 staff available to accept calls.  If your call is not returned in a reasonable time, please call back and ask to speak to a supervisor.

The after hours recording at the GSS office number, 206-284-6225 provides emergency contact information.