Agency Directors $125.00
Senior Financial Manager $120.00
Asset & Investment Management $120.00
Asset Administration $75.00
Financial Manager $95.00
Support Services - Financial $75.00
Senior Property Manager $120.00
Property Manager $95.00
Inspections $90.00
Support Services - Property Management $75.00
Senior Care Manager $120.00
Care Manager $95.00
Support Services - Care Management $75.00
Social Client Contact - Companion $55.00


Guardianship Services of Seattle staff bill for their time at the hourly rates stated above. Guardianship Services of Seattle’s billing philosophy is to strive to maintain a low hourly rate, to delegate work as much as possible to staff with lower hourly rates who have the necessary skills to complete the task, and to show all activity on regular statements. Hourly rates are based on the skills and training of the staff and the demands of the work that staff member ordinarily performs. Billing statements are prepared monthly.

Guardianship Services of Seattle bills certain activities such as deposits, checks written and asset transfers as transaction charges at the rate of $7.80 per transaction. These charges appear on the monthly billing.