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Guardianship Organizations  A service of Guardianship Services of Seattle with detailed descriptions of guardianships, trusts public entitlements and other matters.

Washington Association of Professional Guardians .

Capitol Guardianship Services  Capitol Guardianship Services provides fiduciary services, trust and estate management, financial management assistance, case management and guardianship services in the South Puget Sound area. Capitol Guardianship Services is a registered trade name of Guardianship Services of Seattle.

Washington Professional Guardian Certification Program  The Certified Professional Guardian Board adopts and implements regulations governing certification, minimum standards of practice, training, and discipline of professional guardians.

Certified Professiona Guardian Communication Plan Certification Board’s  communication process to facilitate increased involvement in developing standards, rules and regulations to guide the guardianship profession.

Washington Professional Guardian Board Meeting Materials. These are not otherwise available except via Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request.

University of Washington Certificate Program in Guardianship Nine-month 100 hour program of in-person and on-line education  on the role and responsibilities of being a guardian. Most extensive program in professional guardianship in the US.

Washington State Office of Public Guardian (OPG) was established in 2007 within the Administrative Office of the Courts to develop and administer a public guardianship program.

Washington State Professional Guardian Manual 2007

On Line Lay/Family(Non-Professional) Guardian Training
  HB 1053 requires all individuals seeking appointment as guardian or who are already appointed guardian and who are not professional guardians to complete this free standardized training video or web cast for lay guardians, unless granted a waiver by the court.. Made available by the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC).

Instructional Video for Guardians  Most people who are appointed as guardians have a lot of questions about their new duties and responsibilities. Spokane Superior Court created a video to help answer those questions.   

National Guardianship Association
Guardian/Conservator Association of Oregon
Professional Fiduciary Association of California
Arizona Fiduciary Certification Program

International Resource Library on Adult Guardianship



Revised Code of Washington

Frequently Used RCW’s

RCW 4.08.060 Guardian ad litem for incapacitated person in civil matters.
RCW 4.16.190 Statute of limitations tolled by personal disability.
RCW 7.70.065 Informed consent — Persons authorized  to provide for patients who are not competent
RCW 70.122 Natural Death Act
RCW 11.04.015 Intestate succession. Who inherits when there is no will.
RCW 11.36.021 Who may serve as trustee
RCW 11.84 Inheritance rights of slayers and abusers
RCW 11.88 Appointment of Guardian.
RCW 11.90 Uniform adult guardianship and protective proceedings jurisdiction act, intended to clarify interstate issues,
RCW 11.92 Duties of Guardian
RCW 11.94  Powers of Attorney
RCW 11.114 Uniform Transfers to Minors Act
RCW 11.100.140 Notice and procedure for non-routine trust transactions
RCW 26.44 Abuse of children
RCW 43.43.832 Background Checks
RCW 50.04.140 Employment — Exception tests. Defines the two tests to distinguish private contractor from employee. See below for related information.
RCW 70.127 In Home Service Agencies
RCW 70.129 Long Term Care Resident’s Rights
RCW 71.05 Involuntary Mental Commitment
RCW 71.32 Mental Health Advanced Directives
RCW 73.36 Uniform Veteran’s Guardianship Act
RCW 74.34 Abuse of Vulnerable Adults

Summary of provisions for protective orders, no contact orders and restraining orders. 

Washington Administrative Code

WAC 388-78A-2470 Disqualifying criminal history results for boarding homes.
WAC 388-79  Payment of Guardian Fees in “Medicaid cases”
WAC 182-502-0160 Supplementing Medicaid payments for residential care. See Section (5)
DSHS Form 13-879,  referenced in WAC
WAC 388-106 Long-term care services
WAC 388-440-0001  Exceptions to rule
WAC 388-543-2000 Two wheelchairs. DSHS typically cites as a rule that people needing power chairs can not also be funded for a manual.Not so. See section 10
WAC 388-561 How trusts affect DSHS eligibility. See section 7(a)
WAC 388-823 Division of Developmental Disabilities intake and determination of developmental disabilities
388-515-1510388-515-1511 Division of developmental disabilities (DDD) home and community based services waivers.   
Five Home and Community Based (HCBS) Waivers
. Targeted programs for special situations

Court Rules

Washington Special  Special Proceedings Rule (SPR) 98.16(w)   Settlement of Claims of Minors and Incapacitated Persons
GR 15 Destruction, Sealing, and Redaction of Court Records
GR 22 Access to Family Law and Guardianship Court Records
GR 23 The rule for certification of professional guardians. This version includes changes to section (e) on required disclosures that are effective 9/1/04.
GR 31 Access to Court Records. Requires redacting of names of minors, account numbers and social security numbers in court filings.
RPCs Rules of Professional Conduct for lawyers


Code of Federal Regulations Search page for CFR sections
US Code Title 42 Section 1396p This is the federal statute that sets the requirements for self funded Special Needs Trusts. Look for section (d)(4)
SSI POMS  (Program Operations Manual System)     This is the Rule Book for SSI eligibility
Current SSI Amount
      Gift Card Rule See section 01120.201(I)(1)(d,e)
HIPAA  the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. See also Access to Confidential Records at Proguard.
Time Deposits Federal regulations allow early withdrawal of Certificates of Deposit with no penalty  in the case of a newly appointed guardian.

 Locating Lawyers and Legal Resources

Washington State Bar Association Membership Directory. This is a good place to get the address, phone and e-mail address for an attorney. Excellent search function.

NAELA Directory  National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys. This is the best source for finding qualified attorneys in other parts of the country for guardianship, trust disability and elder law issues. Can search by city or zip code.

National Elder Law Foundation  A national organization certifying practitioners of elder and special needs law.

Lawyer Referral Service is a public service of the nonprofit King County Bar Association.  Free or very low cost hour or 1/2 hour consultations.

Volunteer Legal Services King County provides direct representation by volunteer attorneys to low-income clients in a  variety of civil legal issues, including un-contested guardianships.

Legal Information Resources

Washington Law Help  Premier source of information about Medicare, Medicaid, COPES, and other government benefits; as well as information about housing, family law, consumer and debt issues,  domestic violence, and other important material for helping low-Income people find solutions to civil legal problems .

Statewide Docket Information search page Washington State Supreme and Appellate Court Decisions, state and municipal codes.      

Disability Rights Washington (DRW) is a private non-profit organization that protects the rights of people with disabilities statewide. Guardianship Information Sheets 

Legal Dictionary Legal Definitions & Legal Terms Defined, the legal definitions and legal terms dictionary of U.S. Legal Forms, Inc.

Terry Schiavo.  Guardian ad Litem Report. The courts and the parties in Florida handled the Schiavo case in an exemplary manner, as set out in this document. Then the politicians jumped in.  Warning, the first few pages of the report are not well written, it gets better.


King County Guardianship Forms                         Spokane County Guardianship  Forms

Establishing a Guardianship. PDF from King County, step by step instructions and forms.

DSHS Application for Benefits form 14-01

IRS SS-4 Instructions  SS-4 Instructions The SS-4 is an IRS application for Employer ID number. It was revised in December, 2001. These links require Adobe.

Representative Payee Social Security and SSI can assign another person to receive payments for beneficiaries who are incapable of managing their Social Security or SSI payments. 
to be Rep Payee. Physicians statement.

POLST Form from Washington State Medical Association

Government Agencies    Disability

Access Washington Home Page

Crisis Lines Statewide for County Designated Mental Health Professionals (CDMHP’s) A county by county list of numbers to call if a person with a mental illness is demonstrating danger to self or others, or grave disability.

DSHS Manuals Designed for and used by DSHS staff. The manuals provide administrative rules and procedures for staff to determine initial and ongoing eligibility for families applying for and receiving assistance in Washington State. This site has everything, for example, Long Term Care, SSI related Medically Needy

DSHS Treatment of Income Chart. Shows how any conceivable income item affects Medicaid and Food Stamp eligibility (NOTE: this chart does not include SSI or other income assistance programs)

Medicaid Waivers digest with details of all 50 states Medicaid Waiver programs. In whahington, includes COPES, DD Waivers and others.

Division of Developmental Disabilities

Home and Community Based Waivers.  Clients of Divison of Developmental Disabilities eligible for institutional care can benefit from Community Alternatives Program (CAP) Waivers. Four levels of  waiver allow the use of Medicaid funding for care while “waiving” Medicaid rules that require services to be provided in an institutional setting.ICF/MR Admission Rules  Eligibility for ICF/MR level care is a prerequisite for DDD Waivers

Washington State licensed residential facilities search pages, results show licensing violations
Summary of residential facility locating tools and licensing violationsAdult Family Homes         Boarding/Retirement  Homes      DDD Supported LivingOfficial Government Ratings of Nursing Homes
  Information that, typically, is impossible to get from the person taking your claim for SSD and SSI benefits. Applying for disability and SSI benefits might as well be a secret process.

Disability  Resources

Section 8 and public housing HUD eligibility rules HUD rules, local housing authorities process eligibility and have comparable rules.

DECOD Dental Education in the Care of Persons with Disabilities. A  program of the UW School of Dentistry that treats persons with severe disabilities at considerably reduced cost.

King County Metro Regional Reduced Fare Permit (RRFP). Bus passes for people with disabilities

Trips Inc. Special Adventures provides travel outings to adults of various abilities in a safe, respectful and fun atmosphere. Our trips are designed for people with developmental disabilities

Do Not Call Registry  Federal program to register phone numbers so that telemarketers are banned from calling.

AMBER alert The Washington State Endangered Missing Person Advisory Plan which is available for most people with disabilities who are missing and at risk.

 Resources for Professional Guardians

V. Spino Bonding Good source for guardian and trustee (aka fiduciary and probate) bonds in Seattle . Click on “Rates” button to learn what bonds cost.

Peltzer and Associates Provides all the insurance services a fiduciary needs: real property, automotive, renters coverage, employee dishonesty bonds,  fiduciary errors and omissions insurance.

Fiduciary Homes  Sam Forselius, former GSS property manager and current John L. Scott real estate agent. Sam is an experienced fiduciary real estate specialist. As the agent for the buyer or seller, Sam works with professional fiduciaries and family to follow, track and communicate the special requirements that are involved.

National Association of Professional Care Managers

National Association of Professional Organizers Home organizers can help with elders downsizing to retirement living, hoarders and collectors and others with cluttered living spaces. Site has a nifty search function to locate professionals who specialize.

Savings Bond Calculator Treasury department site, provides present value of any US savings bond

Peoples Memorial Association  The People’s Memorial Association is a non-sectarian, nonprofit organization furnishing mortuary arrangements at member prices.

Foreign Consulates in Washington State  Australia through Uzbekistan. Accredited Consular Association roster members, foreign economic & cultural organizations, emeritus members & ex officio members, other diplomats & foreign dignitaries.

Washington Zip Code Maps
County by county printable maps. Zip code map of US Google Maps Style.
Zip Codes within Radius of a Zip Code  Plug in a zip code and find other zip codes within a specified area.

Telephone Prefix Location List  Find out where a land line phone is located

Vital Records, Unclaimed Property

Vital Records Birth, Marriage, Divorce and Death All states. This is a page from Cyndi’s List, the premier genealogical website.

Washington State Unclaimed Property Division  Did you know that the state of Washington is searching for the rightful owners of approximately $300 million in unclaimed property? Your chances are one in seven that you have unclaimed property with a cash value being held by the state. National database for State unclaimed property agencies Real Property Ownership Information Statewide  These are links to a number of Washington county real property websites

Real Property Ownership Washington State, County Recorders and Treasurer’s Sites 

Employment, Licensing and Business Information

Washington Department of Licensing  Check on whether a person or business is licensed

 Reinstate your License Washington Dept. of Licensing. allows users to see if a person has a suspended license.

Washington Secretary of State Corporations Division

RCW 50.04.140   Employment — Exception tests. Defines the two tests to distinguish private contractor from employee.  IRS Publication:  Independent Contractors vs. Employees. Before you can determine how to treat payments you make for services, you must first know the business relationship that exists between you and the person performing the services.

Master Business Application
Business Licensing Guide, Washington Department of Licensing  Step by step process to determine all of the registrations, licenses and other requirements to legally run your business. 
Starting a Business in Washington 
Excellent resource for starting a business, good explanation of different business forms from Sole Proprietor to Corporation.
Registration Forms for corporations and partnerships from Washington Secretary of State
How to Form and Maintain a Nonprofit Corporation in Washington State 2009 Edition. Lavishly detailed and comprehensive. This is a 219 page pdf. LONG DOWNLOAD TIME

Employment Glossary

Vehicles/ Driving

Department of Licensing: Vehicles
Sellers Report of Sale                                                  Affidavit of Lost Title 
Disabled Driver’s Parking Applictions                            Request for Driving Records
            Recommendation for Driver Re-examinationDriving Rehabilitation Program  The Occupational Therapy Department at the University of Washington Medical Center evaluates and instructs individuals with disabilities for driving potential.CHCS Driver Rehabilitation Services for persons who have limitations related to disabilities, and the aging population


Mobility Support Systems.  Leases and maintains accessible vehicles to Special Needs trust and Worker’s Compensation clients.

Car Dealer Tricks of the Trade Most dealers are way, way better at selling than buyers are at buying. Note, this is an Australian site, the tricks dealers use are universal.

Kelley Blue Book – New Car Pricing Bluebook Values  Kelley provides a general, not definitive, idea of the value of a car.