Care Management

GSS provides innovative care management to many of its guardianship, trust and power of attorney clients. Care management staff is commonly assigned in guardianships or other cases in which the agency has responsibility for the personal needs of a client. Our staff has considerable experience in successfully addressing the most difficult problems.  GSS also provides assistance through strictly private arrangements with individuals or families to assist people with problems in living. These arrangements can be limited and specific, or can be more general, based on the preferences of the client.

Care Management can include:
  • An assessment of individual needs and development of a tailored plan of care
  • Arrangement for medical or other service providers
  • On-going monitoring of care plan services
  • Regular meetings with the client
  • Regular contacts with family
  • Consultation with physicians, nursing staff and medical specialists
  • Transportation arrangements
  • Assisting clients to develop a personal budget
  • Arrangements for counseling or other therapies
  • Crisis management
  • Advice to families and friends on managing problems
  • When necessary, managing contacts with law enforcement or community mental health services providers
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