Joelle Klimok

Financial Manager

As a Financial Manager at GSS, Joelle’s focus is on building long-term relationships with clients and their families. Through her kind disposition, work ethic, and attentiveness to client requests, Joelle is exemplary of the type of service GSS strives to provide. In addition to serving her direct clients, Joelle assists GSS’s President and senior managers with facilitating inquiries from prospective new clients and marshalling complex assets for new client accounts.

Joelle embodies the spirit of the GSS office and is responsible for everything from holiday decorations to the care of the office pet, Marshmallow, a miniature hamster. Joelle is also a serial conductor of office pranks, and no staff member is safe from her antics and surprises.

Joelle was born and raised in Washington state. She attended the University of Washington, where she received a bachelor’s degree in Finance. Raised by bilingual parents, Joelle speaks Russian and Ukrainian, in addition to English. In her free time, Joelle enjoys spending time with her family and playing piano.