Edward Gardner


Ed has dedicated his career to the trust and guardianship field, beginning in 1987 with the newly formed Guardianship Services of Seattle and continuing to the present day, monitoring and guiding the company to best serve GSS clients and their families.

As President he oversees a dedicated staff and company that is a respected leader in fiduciary and care management. Through his tenacious stewardship and gregarious personality, Ed has grown GSS from a two-person agency to the state-chartered trust company that it is today.

Ed obtained his CPA license in 1991 and was a member of the inaugural class of National Master Guardians, with current emeritus status.

Born in Lindenhurst Long Island, Ed went on to the University of Akron on a track scholarship, running in the Penn relays and specializing in the mile and mile relay.  On a road trip after college, he fell in love with Seattle, and has lived here ever since.

Ed is a voracious reader, patron of the arts, exercise junkie, and a family man.