Kirsten Noble

Senior Property Manager

Kirsten works with clients, real estate agents, insurance agents and other professionals to manage real and personal property. In her current role as Senior Property Manager, Kirsten manages all aspects of buying, selling, insuring, and maintaining real and personal property.  Kirsten enjoys developing relationships with both her clients and professionals in the community and works diligently to provide the best service and support to the clients she serves.

Born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Kirsten started her professional career by working at local banks and credit unions.  In 1999, Kirsten began her journey in the Guardianship and Trust industry as a Financial Manager and obtained her Certified Professional Guardianship certification in 2008. Before moving into her current role in Property Management, Kirsten served as a Financial Manager, and as a result, has extensive knowledge and expertise in multiple areas of the fiduciary industry.

Kirsten enjoys relaxing in her spare time by spending time with her family and dogs and will never turn down an afternoon with a good book or movie.  She also enjoys baking.