Sacha Deszo

Client Services Manager

In her role as Client Services Manager, Sacha Deszo works with clients, families, attorneys, staff, and other professionals to manage the administration of Guardianships, Conservatorships, Trusts, Probate Estates and Attorney-in-Fact relationships.  Sacha serves as chief of staff to GSS’s President on day-to-day operations and management of the agency and has worked directly with GSS’s founders, Tom O’Brien and Edward Gardner, for over 15 years.  Sacha works with new clients and families who have been through trauma or have disabling conditions and has extensive experience and expertise navigating the world of public benefits.

Born and raised in Seattle, Sacha started her professional career working her way up through GSS starting as an Assistant Financial Manager in 2004, Financial Manager in 2005, Senior Financial Manager in 2007 and Client Services Manager in 2015.  In 2008, Sacha obtained her Certified Professional Guardianship certification.

Sacha enjoys relaxing in her spare time taking mountain drives in her MINI or attending car shows.